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Sex & Karma ~ What is the connection? (by Ken Kizer)

Issue: Volume 8, Number 6. November/December 1996

The short answer is that having sex creates karma. There are several levels to these two energies (karma is simply energy that is held with a certain expectation).

Sex is a form of power that is expressed through the first and second chakras. These chakras represents the life urge and survival, and as such, have very little social conscience. In a society with other people, this can be a major problem, because survival urges are totally self-centered, without regard for others.

Sexual energy is quite powerful, being represented by the sign Scorpio (though this is not by any means the only thing Scorpios are interested in. Intensity is the key word here.). Without a conscience, it often ends up being expressed destructively. Conscience is an awareness that our actions affect other people, and it is definitely to our advantage to stay within the mores of the culture. This avoids in large part upsetting others.

Conscience is also the seed of karma, though there are other aspects of it as well. First off, karma is not something God does to us because we are bad. Karma is the residue of all our accumu-
lated experiences in this and other lifetimes.

In that sense, it is always a "right-now" thing, because it is our perception of our karma in present time that creates a sense of owing or obligation, not some judgment God makes of our actions.

For example, if we believe we owe someone as a result of our actions, then that is our karma. If we believe we are complete about the situation, then we have just changed our karma– not by action, but by our perception of the situation.

Guilt is one of the prime instigators of karma, partly because guilt always demands punishment and partly because people who experience guilt often end up interfering in other people's lives, out of the fear that they haven't done enough good yet. In addition, sexuality carries some of the heaviest emotional baggage of anything we do.

The principle is that power is created by taking responsibility for self. Sex, a form of power, works as a healthy, enlivening, and enjoyable part of life when we are willing to handle the karma we create every time we express ourselves. Karma works in our favor when we take full responsibility for what we create. As long as we deny anything about who we are and what we have done, we also, in direct proportion to our avoidance, divorce ourselves from our power.

The catch-22 is that people who are running from their past don't feel powerful (even if they are tyrants), and people who don't feel powerful are usually running from their past. The answer is to start accepting the
results of our efforts, without judgment, self-abuse, or guilt. Only when we get to this point do we even have a chance of changing the old pattern.

It is simply not possible to simultaneously be angry with- and forgiving of-self without eventually creating emotional and physical problems. Once we make a clear choice to let go, the heaviness and old blocks release. Same as it ever was– forgiveness clears the way.

Ken Kizer is an author, astrologer, and rebirther who lives in Richmond, VA. He can be reached at (804) 320-6959 or cfa@i2020.net

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