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Prana: Mystery Building Stone of the Universe by Gerd Lange

Many volumes have been written on this subject since ancient times. What the Indian sages thousands of years ago called prana, the ancient Chinese named CHI or KI and the Druids refer to as OD. What is commonly agreed though, that it is the life force, the miniature building stone of the universe, too small or etheric to be perceived by any kind of instrument or measuring device to date.

Even modern science has now found out that prana exists and that our seemingly so solid world vibrates in an eternal dance of swirling atoms. These in turn consist of even smaller and smaller particles, which finally turn out to be pure energy densified in various wavelets and aggregates - higher dimensional energy, manifesting on this plane as prana.

Prana is not just in the air, it is everywhere. There is nowhere that it is not; it even exists in a vacuum or a void. Nothing exists without prana, neither animate nor inanimate. Prana is the smallest, most refined building block of life, inseparably connected to spirit, god or the creative energy, and creates and sustains simply everything (physical matter, thoughts, feelings, energy... etc.).

In general, there are two things which we take in when we breathe. One is air and the other is prana, pure life-force energy itself, more vital than air for our existence. If you take away air, you have a couple of minutes before you die; if you take away water, you have even more time; and if you take away food you have much more time still, but if you break prana from spirit, death is instantaneous. So taking in prana with breath is absolutely crucial in sustaining our life.

I guess I have always been interested in Prana. Being a Rebirther for many years, I have discovered, that the amazing effects which I continuously witness in a ‘’’’breathe’’’’, can’’’’t be produced just by the oxygen content accumulated in the session or my contribution alone. There always seems to be an inner intelligence at work that undeniably suggests to me a connection with the Divine.

So what actually happens during a breathing session?
We humans are an inticrately layered four body energy system consisting of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body - made of prana in various states of densification (i.e. wavelengths or vibrational harmonies). Each of these bodies is an electromagnetic energy field in form of a grid system, which resonates, in a specific frequency, not unlike an electronic computer memory bank. Each of these bodies functions on a different level and performs vital life interactions, e.g. processes information, holds memory and performs a multitude of other functions. The four bodies are linked through the chakrasystem.

If unaligned (through shock, trauma, emotions) the mesh of these grids collects densified energies (unreleased feelings, dysfunctional thought patterns... etc) instead of letting them float through. These unprocessed energies get trapped in the system. Moving through the layers, thoughts densify into emotions, emotions densify into physical sensations and finally solidify in physical symptoms - dis-ease and illness.

Breathing intentionally in a conscious connected manner increases the prana content in the four layers of the gridsystems. Accumulating prana in the bodies helps to realign the grids by energising them, which raises their vibrational frequencies. This in turn entices all four grid systems simultaneously to resonate in a higher frequency and they automatically attempt to achieve a state of unity, a place of balance. Through the re-alignment the trapped densified energies loosen up, and get ‘’’’washed out’’’’ by the free floating prana, to be transported to the electromagnetic surface (consciousness). There it can be processed by re-experiencing and released as thought, emotion or sensation. This leaves your system more cleansed, realigned and connected.

As we established a few paragraphs before prana is in everything and everything consist of it. God (Source, the creative principle) per definition also is everything and everything consist of and through him/her/it as well. Therefore it seems clear to me that prana must be of divine nature and has a direct connection to Source.

As prana is pure spirit the ‘’’’breather’’’’ usually also directly connects to Source via the spiritual body in a breathing session. Besides feeling warm and internally glowing, cared for and loved, experiences include mystical revelations and unity consciousness experience in the integration phase. Another fascinating by-product of this breathing technique is that it actually induces permanent Higher Self-connection. In the beginning you just get in touch with your Higher Self but over time you will be able to firmly establish a permanent connection to your inner knowing, the Divine One Within (DOW) and your true nature as soul having a human consciousness....

....It is possible to charge and program prana with your intentional thought energy and to use it for conscious creation, for yourself, for the highest good of this planet and its people. Creating your reality and radiating out your personal and hopefully positive charge.

With love and light

Gerd Lange

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