Benefits of Breathwork

  • Reduces stress and increases energy, aliveness and sense of well-being
  • Releases toxins from the cells of the body, 70% of toxins are released through the breath itself, so when you breathe more you release more!
  • Allows old emotions, memories and past traumas to arise and release in a safe and gentle way
  • Accesses and transforms the source of dis-ease by understanding the underlying thoughts and beliefs systems that attracted the dis-ease
  • Unravels relationship/intimacy issues and supports one to embrace and heal old wounds of abandonment, loss and rejection
  • Helps one to attract new relationships based on who one is now
  • Increases flow, ease, joy, and pleasure in life and relationships
  • Accesses expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity about one’s path and life purpose
  • Supports the release of limiting thoughts, patterns and imprints from birth, childhood, and past lives
  • Enhances creativity and expression
  • Heals the wound of your imagined separation
  • Increases one’s experience of inner peace & surrender
  • Allows a feeling of being connected to, and caring for yourself, the earth, and all beings
  • Transcends the mind and emotions and supports the awakening to the truth of who you really are