About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is designed to find interference to the Nervous System and through the use of specific adjustments assist your body in restoring its balance within the Nervous System to allow for the fullest functioning of every other system within your body. A spine that is free of interference allows for the perfection of innate expression within your mind, body and spirit. 

 About Dr. Paul W. Stratton

Chiropractor, Mind-Body Teacher and Seminar Leader

Dr. Paul is a dynamic teacher and practitioner who will engage you on many levels. An extremely gifted Chiropractor, he has been in practice for over twenty-two years. Dr. Paul brings over 35 years of experience in the Mind-Body field to his work. 

Paul's Chiropractic office, Stratton Family Chiropractic Wellness Center, is located in Doylestown, PA.


Dr. Paul Stratton is also available at the Philadelphia Rebirthing Center

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Thursday dates: The second Thursday of each month:

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