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Private Collard Method Bodywork with Meg Gouldner

Hello, Friends!

We are delighted to share with you that Megan Gouldner will be here on FRIDAY, March 29tH FOR COLLARD METHOD PRIVATE BODYWORK SESSIONS 


Megan Gouldner is a NonVerbal Communication Specialist, an Intuitive Collard Method Bodyworker and Breathworker. She has over 20 years experience in the health, fitness and wellness field and her work is often sought out as 'the missing link' or 'last resort' for clients and patients dealing with chronic and confusing issues. Megan's main focus is a system of Bodywork based on The Collard Method of Intuitive Bodywork. Megan was a protege of Patrick Collard who taught The Collard Method for 25 years at The Philadelphia Rebirthing Center. Patrick was a Body Language Expert, Bodyworker and Author whose work is still on the front lines of cutting edge complimentary and alternative medicine. 
The effect of thought and emotion on and within the body is being recognized as a key component in healing by healthcare practitioners across the world.


To register : call Maureen at The Rebirthing Center @ 215-431-8838 or 215-424-4444 at using as payee.

Kind regards,

The Philadelphia and New York Rebirthing Center

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