The One Year Seminar

New Dates to be announced

The One Year Seminar is a group of people who meet one day a month for a year. The purpose is to experience rich and full spiritual community and fellowship in the learning of personal mastery. A part of each meeting is personal sharing to see each other and support each other. Breathing sessions are a part of each meeting.

The monthly topic guidelines are:

  1. Mind Mastery Mind is first. Explore creative thought and give affirmative repetition to lift the negative re-enforcement of the past. Develop psychic quiet. (Samadhi of the mind)
  2. Air The invisible. Unravels birth trauma and the birth death cycle. Rebirthing, conscious connected breathing. Clearing the emotional body and purification by Spirit.
  3. Water is emotionally neutralizing. Grow to include the consciousness of water, bathing, a walk in the rain, an awareness of drinking the high vibration liquid and how, as Doctor Emoto shows us, it affects our bodies.
  4. Fire Fire has a voice, being in the presence of fire purifies the etheric energy around us. Fire dissolves the death urge and clears emotional pollution. Includes sleeping by and sitting with an open flame and fire ceremony.
  5. Earth The earth is my body, the earth is my virtue. A year to additionally master food, sex, sleep and prosperity. The year includes fasting, exercise and daily walks as a form of worship.
  6. Guru principle Address school trauma. Nurture a devotional relationship to your personal Divine (Bhakti). Discipline applied to what you want to learn and respect for the immortals. (those that have come before us to give example of a path of liberation)
  7. Grace Dissolves senility trauma and increases aliveness. Know in your mind and body you are loved and supported by the Providence you create for yourself. ( Your personal Divine)
  8. Community Clears parental disapproval syndrome. Includes mutual support and learning to love wisely. This can give joy and value to a long robust life.
  9. Prosperity Learn for yourself what abundance means in all areas of your life. Love, health, money relationships, enthusiasm, all this is a container of peaceful knowing.
  10. Spiritual healing Investigate the avenues to everlasting life, health and youthfulness of the body. Includes reading emotional messages in body symptoms and how to process them.
  11. Group participation month We decide what to do together to entertain ourselves as a group and as a group what we can collectively do as an expression of public service.
  12. Completion We can complete and live. Start again.   

Dates Saturdays:  TBA

Location The Philadelphia Rebirthing Center 1027 69th Ave Philadelphia PA 19126
Times 10am – 8pm  (ending time approximate) Tuition: $2000.  Review $1500.

For information and to enroll call

Tony or Maureen at the Rebirthing Center 215-424-4444  

Maureen Mobile 215 431-8838   Tony Mobile 215 779-1254