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A Rebirthing Weekend in cold water. August 11, 12, 13

A Rebirthing Weekend

led by Tony Lo Mastro & Maureen Malone


The Power of Breath

 December 1, 2, 3, 2017

healing power of connected breathing

This Autumn, we are offering a weekend of Breathwork at Core Therapies! The workshop will include a variety of topics using Conscious Connected Breathing for integration, clearing and expansion. This is also an introductory work towards becoming a Rebirthing Breathworker.

Rebirthing, or Conscious Connected Breathing is a breathing technique that utilizes your relationship with your breath to release stress and tension from the body and access and release stored emotion {energy in motion}. During this weekend you will have the opportunity to experience Rebirthing in both experience and education. The benefits of Rebirthing include an increased ability to feel and resolve the effects of the past, increased vitality and aliveness and a more insightful and fulfilling experience of yourself and your relationships. This weekend will include a group rebirth and two paired Breathwork exchanges.

Some of the topics will include: 
- Supporting a positive state of mind by discovering and changing limiting beliefs. 
- Learning variations in the breath and how they mirror what you are feeling. 
- "The Language of the Breath" 
- How to use your breath to support increased emotional and physical well being. 
- How your birth, your 'birth script', may be affecting you now. 
- Understanding and implimenting the Law of Attraction. 
- An introduction to the concepts of Spiritual Purification and Longetivity.

Dates: December 1m, 2, 3
Times: Friday 7-10pmSaturday11-6pmSunday 10-5pm 
Location: The Philadelphia Rebirthing Center
1027 69th Avenue Philadelphia PA 19126
215 424-4444 
Tuition: $295 {$195 for reviewers}

To register and for additional information call: 215-424-4444

email: or

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