Oneness Blessing and Chakra Dhyana 
September 30th
Monday at 6:30
At the Rebirthing Center
The Oneness Blessing is an energy transfer that initiates a neuro-biological change in the brain that connects us with spirit. It results in a growth in consciousness by creating a shift in the perception and experience of life. It is non-denominational; and awakens our connection with the oneness in everything, allowing each of us to deepen our relationship with ourselves, those we love, and with all that is.
Suggested donation: $5 - $10. To register for this evening please call Maureen @ 215-431-8838.





An Evening of Tummo with Kerry Henwood
October 15th
Tuesday, 7pm - 9 pm
At the Rebirthing Center

Tummo is a very refined and delicate system of Breathwork. It brings you back to your authentic original light body self.
This technique purifies your three main channels.
Resentment, hate, fear, anxiety and eternal light and eternal wisdom all reside in these three channels. Tummo gives you the ability to reclaim your memories from past lives and remember incredible abilities that you possess. 


Financial Gift: $30 which can be made to using, or pay at the door. To register for this evening please call Maureen @ 215-431-8838. 



Group Rebirth
October 16th
Wednesday 7:00 pm
At the Rebirthing Center 

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the benefits of Rebirthing Breathwork in a loving group setting. Just show up and breathe. 

Facilitated by Ken Mann. $20 at the door. No appointment needed.



9 Month Rebirthing Training Program
October 18, 19, & 20th (this is the next training weekend and the final weekend in which to register)
At the Rebirthing Center

It's not too late to join the rebirthing training program. This program invites participants into a deep exploration of the foundational aspects of Rebirthing Breathwork, and provides powerful support for personal and spiritual transformation. This educational and experiential program will teach you the principals and theories of Breathwork while enhancing your professional abilities and supporting your life goals. Whether you are attending to become a rebirthing breathworker or for personal development, this program will show you how to maximize your potential and live a rich and more conscious life.

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Autumn Rebirthing Weekend
November 1, 2, & 3
At the Rebirthing Center

We invite you to embrace Autumn with us through exploring the magic of Conscious Connnected Breathing. (aka Rebirthing Breathwork).

During this weekend you will have the opportunity to experience rebirthing breathwork both experientially and educationally. Breathwork sessions and transformational processes assist in exploring your inner world allowing release of imprints from the past and transforming limiting beliefs.

For more information or to register: Call Maureen @215-431-8838 or The Rebirthing Center @215-424-4444




Chiropractic Sessions
At the Rebirthing Center

Chiropractic appointments with Dr. Paul Stratton can be made the second Thursday of each month (10 am - 1 pm) and the last Sunday of each month (10 am - 1 pm)

To schedule, call Sharon Stratton 215 230-7001
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